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Harold Kathman has, in common with many authors, an itching foot. After graduating from the School of Journalism in Missouri, he headed north and hitch-hiked around New England for six months, sailed as an ordinary seaman on a British freighter from Boston to Cuba, worked as idea man for a St. Louis printer and finally took a freighter out of New Orleans to the Philippine Islands.

He has played leading parts in the
St. Louis Little Theater and summer
stock with Theater in the Woods, Booth-
bay Harbor, Maine; has been a copy-
writer for Fairchild Publications, a space writer for The Sunday Mirror magazine
and after 32 months overseas in the late war was discharged in 1946
as a first lieutenant.

Cover by ARGOSY Artist Charles Dye




and the LADY"

by Harold Kathman

PDF of his story still to come.

The Table of Contents, Feb. 1948


Charles Dye (above) had a knack for painting eye-catching (and eye-bulging) expressions on his ARGOSY cover portraits.

My Dad's short story, The Motorsickle and the Lady, Illustrated by Charles Zingaro. Notice the detailed facial expressions adding emotion before even reading the story.

Another Argosy story illustrated by Charles Zingaro. He also did religious illustrations for The Christian Science Monitor.

Another story in the same issue as my Dad is illustrated by Reynold Brown.

Artist (Wm.) Reynold Brown 1917-1991, painted dozens of movie posters in the 1950's, including some of the biggest sci-fi films. 

A staple of Men's magazines was the pin-up photo. Here's "Bandana Girl", the Calendar

Girl for Feb.,1948; a leap year!

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